When you face risk,
you need hart

An internationally recognized risk management company, Hart delivers innovative, integrated security solutions in complex areas across land, sea and air.

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  • Risk Management

    We provide skilled experts who can advise on all aspects of security management and risk mitigation. Our tailored solutions help minimize risk both current and future.

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  • Security & Crisis Management

    Hart, together with Security Exchange, provide security risk management services from Kidnap & Ransom and Disaster Recovery, to Cyber Crime and Product Contamination

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  • Physical Security

    Operating in high, medium, and low risk environments, Hart's physical security provides static and mobile protection of personnel, resources, materials and infrastructure – helping clients protect what matters most.

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  • Maritime Security

    Hart Maritime is an internationally recognised provider of specialised maritime security services from offshore security to port security and ISPS compliance.

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  • Aviation Security

    Alongside our sister company Longport Aviation Security, Hart provides high-quality security for airports and carriers. To tackle today’s diverse aviation security threats, we provide integrated and professional systems and processes.

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  • K9 Services

    Hart K9 is a premium provider of fast response Explosive Detection Dog Teams (EDDTs). Our world-class, highly trained dogs confirm or rule out the presence of hazardous explosive materials and enable your usual activities to continue with minimal or no interruption.

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  • Specialist Training

    We understand the importance of training for both our clients and our teams. Hart offers specialised security-related training courses that are internationally accredited.

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  • Event Security

    We understand that customer experience is key to the success of your event. Hart is able to provide security for high-profile events without disruption.

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  • Project Support

    From supply chain management to visas and transportation, we combine local and international expertise to provide the support that clients need to successfully deliver.

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  • Technical Security Design

    Providing holistic protection solutions, we offer the design and implementation of technical systems to suit your needs.

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  • Superyacht Security

    Our experienced superyacht security team work with professionalism and discretion

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Hart has a wealth of experience in working with embassies and other diplomatic entities, from Afghanistan to Jakarta.

Extractive Industry

Whether it’s mining or oil and gas, Hart has worked with some of the world’s leading energy companies and are a reliable partner both on land and offshore.


Hart have protected construction programmes in the world’s most remote and difficult areas and appreciate that construction projects come with their own unique challenges.

Critical National Infrastructure

Our teams have the necessary qualifications and backgrounds to understand the complexities of Critical National Infrastructure projects and pro-actively manage the security setup from end to end.

Defence Sector

With years of experience in the field, Hart is a trusted partner in the defence sector


Unlike commercial clients who might be removed from high-risk situations our media clients must confront the risks in order to report the story.

IGOs: Inter-Governmental Organisations

Through our local connections and insights, as well as our extensive experience supplying security to some of the world’s most highly-regarded IGOs, Hart can provide trusted support.

NGOs: Non-Governmental Organisations

Hart offers NGOs mindful programme management that is project-enabling and culturally aware while also minimising risk.

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