February 2016 / News


On 2nd February, a commercial Daallo Airlines flight, bound for Djibouti from Mogadishu, was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after take-off when part of the plane was ripped open by the explosion. Officials now say that a bomb was responsible for the blast. Two people were injured and reports that a body fell from the aircraft are yet to be confirmed.


Stranded in Mogadishu awaiting transport to Djibouti, the shaken crew including pilot Vlatko Vodopivec, co-pilot and four members of the cabin team, were accommodated at Chelsea Village – a secure compound that offers MOSS-compliant accommodation and amenities for up to 85 guests. Chelsea Village is a project run by The Chelsea Group, a diverse group of companies offering private security to power engineering, of which Hart is the founding member.

‘They were relieved and happy to be here,’ said Denis Aljukic, one of the managers at Chelsea Village who ensured that the crew were properly looked after during their three-day stay. ‘Our security is excellent which put their minds at rest after what must have been a very stressful experience. They were very happy with the accommodation and the catering too.’

Chelsea Village is located directly adjacent to the new Mogadishu International Airport terminal within the secure MIA zone. It offers safe, clean and comfortable en-suite, modular accommodation provided by NapCap and the compound is a minute’s drive to the UN, the UK Embassy and other missions. Phase Two is soon to be underway and will offer accommodation for at least 50 more guests and amenities such as a gym.


Chelsea Village is a project by The Chelsea Group, a family of diverse companies including private security, power engineering, specialised managed services, leadership training and more. To find out more, visit www.chelseagroupworldwide.com