Critical National Infastructure Case Study


Critical National Infrastructure
Services provided
Risk Management, mobile and static security, Project Support

Hart provided security services in Iraq in support of the Task Force Restore Iraq Electricity (TF-RIE) programme in Baghdad and throughout the South of the Country. The Coalition Provisional Authority let a substantial contract through the US Corps of Engineers to the Perini Corporation; Hart was Perini’s chosen security provider.

Our concept of operations was to provide sustainable intelligence and protection by combining professional international expertise with local knowledge, local staff and local relationships. This concept had to stand the test of the high intensity urban environment of Baghdad and the lower intensity but complex tribal environment of the South: both with substantial criminal and terrorist activity and populations as wary of the liberators as they were of the Baathist regime.

‘Despite the high level of attacks throughout the country none of our clients sustained even a minor injury and the power line projects were completed on time’

By the time the project was completed in September 2004, over 650 kms of power line had been reinstated and 3 power stations and 15 substations had been refurbished. With a force of 200 international staff and over 2500 Iocal staff, Hart provided effective security throughout involving, force liaison, PSDs, convoy protection including critical path items, camp and logistic support and base security thus allowing the international and national contracting staff to work in relative safety and security – we are proud of our record that despite the high level of attacks throughout the country none of our clients sustained even a minor injury and the power line projects were completed on time.

From the beginning, the project management team included a number of dedicated expatriate Sheikh Liaison Officers (SLOs), who made contact with all the tribal leaders across whose land the power lines would run and in whose areas of influence were situated the power stations and sub-stations with a view to garnering their support. From the initial contact and after careful vetting, we chose a number of the more influential leaders with whom we started to recruit and train our guards. Through this method of relationship building and support of the local communities we had a highly effective and loyal security force bringing certainty, stability and intelligence to all projects.

We worked in close partnership with Perini at all management interfaces in order to understand their security needs and how best to meet those within the context of their business activities and budget. Our dedicated team remained flexible without ever compromising on our core security principles. The result was success all around: no client casualties, the restoration of a major power line that had been battle damaged and out of action for over 20 years and a positive relationship with a large number of local communities.