April 2016 / News

Hart Australia interviewed at Sydney Stadium

Hart remember veterans past and present on Anzac Day, at Sydney Football Stadium


Paul Jordan, General Manager of Hart Security Australia, took to the Sydney Football Stadium pitch on 22nd April, Anzac Day. Rather than showing off his sporting prowess he was interviewed for national TV in remembrance of those who have fought and died for their country and those who are still serving.

Paul highlighted a campaign that he feels strongly about called ‘Fighting New Enemies’. The campaign raises funds and awareness, and provides support to those returned Australian veterans battling Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS) and mental illness.

‘It’s an important campaign because for many soldiers who have been in combat it’s challenging to return and continue with normal life,’ says Paul. ‘The statistics show that 20% of returning servicemen and women will be affected in some way by mental illness. And we need to manage that and provide support.’

To find out more about the campaign visit Defence Care.

Below, the Hart team celebrating Anzac Day in Jakarta.

Hart Jakarta ANZAC day 2016