April 2023 / News

Hart Recognised for Responsible and Ethical Security Services by Leading Compliance Body

Responsible and Ethical Security Services


Hart recently featured on the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) website as part of their anniversary special publication.  ICoCA, is a independent organisation and compliance body that promotes and verifies compliance with the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers. The code sets out principles and standards for the responsible provision of security services, and ICoCA certifies companies that demonstrate their commitment to upholding these standards.

Having been involved with the development of the International Code of Conduct and an original signatory in 2010 it was a natural progression to join the ICoCA once it had been formed in 2013.  Human rights form the core of the Code’s principles, and the Association has been established as an international governance mechanism to ensure that members adhere to these principles.  This requires an extensive auditing process, which can be reduced, if like Hart, the organisation has been certified to one of two internationally recognised management standards – ISO18788 and PSC1.  Since its founding in 1999 Hart always aspired to manage its business activities and deliver its services in a transparent, ethical fashion – being a fully certified member of the ICoCA is a proven testament to its ability to achieve this. It is important to us as a company and provides assurance to our clients that we operate responsibly and with due respect for human rights.

According to Hart COO James Houghton Hart’s responsible delivery is “based upon integrity, transparency, and respect for human life and dignity, whilst ensuring that good governance and best practice underpin Hart’s business activities.

Hart also recognises how ICoCA certification has positively contributed to their capabilities and human rights protocol.  “There have been several tenders where being an ICoCA member was a requirement, without which we would not have been able to participate,”  says Houghton. He views these requirements positively, saying that it  “illustrates that our potential clients embrace high standards commensurate with our own.”

To view our company profile on the ICoCA website click here.