April 2016 / News


Fully licenced to operate in Afghanistan since 2003, Hart are pleased to announce the renewal of our 12-month Afghanistan Ministry of Interior Private Security Company (PSC) licence. We continue to have an outstanding record providing security services and training to a variety of diplomatic clients and companies in the country.

Afghanistan security

Why Choose Hart in Afghanistan? 

  • Our focus is long-term. In-country since 2003, we are committed to a future in Afghanistan.
  • We continue to be fully licensed to operate in the country and also have an established management structure in our head office, Camp Hart, in Kabul.
  • We are committed to the Afghan First Policy and train, mentor and employ local nationals. This not only benefits local communities but strengthens our security network, providing invaluable local insight and knowledge. We are able to operate country-wide with the capacity to rapidly mobilise expatriate, third country nationals and host country nationals.
  • We never fail to mobilise and always deliver on contracts, with over $100-million worth of contracts delivered successfully. More than 90% of Hart’s contracts within the last five years have been renewed or extended.
  • Our operational base Camp Hart can accommodate over 200 people, both clients and Hart personnel, and has a 24-hour Camp Security OCN QRF team. The camp has excellent facilities including two gymnasiums, a live firing range, a CPO training range and drills area, a volleyball pitch and classroom.
  • Camp Hart has full project-support capabilities, from an an in-house training team that provides clients with bespoke training programmes, to an extensive armoury and medical trauma kits.
  • Hart is committed to working to the highest ethical standards and complies with all applicable international and national laws and regulations.
  • We are certified to internationally recognised standards, specifically ISO18788 (PSC1), ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001.
  • As the founding company of The Chelsea Group we can provide extensive end-to-end solutions. The group capabilities cover a myriad of services that complement our security offerings, from turn-key camp and accommodation solutions (COG and NapCap) to human resources (CTG).