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Responsive & Compliant: Securing Chelsea Village in Mogadishu

As the UN-approved, resident mobile security company, Hart oversees the security of Chelsea Village camp in Mogadishu, home to 180 people. In a location where situations can escalate quickly, the security design is constantly adapting to the threat of the environment. Here, the team discusses our recent security upgrades     


Chelsea Village Mogadishu secured by Hart

Chelsea Village is the Chelsea Group’s secure accommodation camp in the MIA zone (Mogadishu International Airport) zone which hosts up to 180 guests. The camp was created and is managed by the Camp Operating Group (COG) and offerings include high-end container accommodation, an MSS on-site medical clinic and a WaterCap purification system – providing clean water to WHO standards; all of this ensures that the camp is self-sustainable in an emergency while the design of the camp ensures that it maintains its ‘home away from home’ feeling.

Several of the Chelsea Group companies operate from Chelsea Village with Hart being the UN-approved, resident mobile security company, licensed to operate across Somalia. Hart also oversees the security of the camp, including the static guarding and the security design which is constantly adapting to the threat of the environment.

Hart Static Guarding in Mogadishu

“While the MIA is a secure, well-guarded zone around the International Airport in Mogadishu it will never be completely without risk – it’s the nature of the location,” explains Colin Laubscher, Hart Management Support in Somalia. Indeed the UN Compound, which resides at the other end of the MIA, came under attack in January 2019 when seven mortars were fired into the compound resulting in some serious damage. Since then the UN has issued new specifications, and the UNDSS has set the bar for the minimum requirement for all accommodation for their staff.

Well Looked After: Chelsea Village’s Security Set-Up

Chelsea Village is already well-regarded for its level of security – it is contained by T walls, has a fully manned and designed entry control point (ECP) guarded by our Hart security team, who are trained up to the highest international standards and regularly conduct emergency and incident management exercises. The camp is secured by blast wall protection with defensive protections throughout the compound.  The on-site bunker is reinforced with steel, and has power, food and water for 24 hours if required. There is also an on-site Hart Operations Room with a world-class CCTV system in place, as well as an Early Warning Alarm System. As the environment dictates, the security infrastructure is something that is constantly evolving.

Hart recently assisted with the security upgrades at Chelsea Village

Security Infrastructure – Always Evolving

“We are the only private accommodation camp in the MIA who are installing side-blast protection around each accommodation unit, maximising protection for our guests”

The accommodation and majority of the office buildings in Chelsea Village are steel NapCap containers, offering superior protection as opposed to other camps that use pre-fab, often flimsy, structures unsuited to the complex threat environment that Mogadishup resents. These NapCap containers have recently received some upgrades.

“The Chelsea Village and Hart teams have worked closely with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) engineer and also their security chief in country. We’ve taken their specifications – the latest ones that they’ve put out in January – and have made renovations to Chelsea Village that comply with their minimum standards regarding side-blast protection and overhead protection,” explains Colin. “We are the only private accommodation camp in the MIA who are installing side-blast protection around each accommodation unit, maximising protection for our guests.”

Even with the security upgrades, the camp still maintains its homely feel with plenty of space and areas for guests to relax and socialise in. The Chelsea Village team understands that down-time is so important for people working in high-risk environments, and that an important part of the appeal of Chelsea Village is that it doesn’t feel like a heavily secured camp but rather a home away from home.

Chelsea Village is the only camp in the MIA which offers overhead and side blast protection for accommodation

Responsive & Compliant

“Hart has worked closely with the Chelsea Village team to ensure that the security design and setup of the camp is responsive and compliant with United Nations MOSS-standards,” says Lyle Simes, Hart’s Country Manager for Somalia. “As part of the upgrades, we have reviewed our security protocols and revised them to meet the standards to ensure the safety of our clients.”

The Chelsea Village and Hart teams continue to work side by side to provide guests with a stress-free and smooth running in-country experience.

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