March 2021 / News

Why Women’s Empowerment is a Priority for Hart

Skilled work opportunities for women represent more than just a salary, they are crucial contributors to social mobility, equality, empowerment and sustainable societies. We spoke to women in different roles with Hart in Somalia on working in security.


Sally Cordova womens empowerment Hart Somalia

Sally Cordova, Office Coordinator, Hart Nationwide, Mogadishu

What do you enjoy about your role?

Working in an international community and also working in a conflict-affected country. I’m gaining more knowledge and experience on a daily basis.

Do you face any challenges in your role because of gender?

Like all jobs there are challenges, but no challenge is because of my gender. Working with security personnel is perhaps different to other people’s day jobs; I’m one of two women working on our team. There are new workflows I need to get accustomed to, but I also have lots to offer such as knowledge that the wider company can benefit from. My family are proud of me for taking this job, despite the setting, and are very supportive.

What advice would you have for other women following in your career footsteps?

My advice isn’t just to women, but to everyone. I believe that we need to start closing the gap earlier, yes working towards gender equality in the workplace, both in terms of access to jobs and equal pay is important, but it needs to happen before that – during the education phase. The youth need to be taught that “progress for women and girls is progress for all”. That way the next generation will make the change.

Alice Nandudu womens empowerment security guard Hart somalia

Alice Grace Nandudu, Security Guard, Hart Nationwide, Mogadishu

How do you feel about your job?

I feel privileged to be working as the first female security guard in an all-male team. I have previous security experience, and I believe I bring range to my new position.

Are there any unique skills that you believe women bring to your role?

Yes, I think that there is a huge benefit to being a female security guard in a male dominated team, where soft skills are often overlooked. Being welcoming to clients, being able to do searches on women and the ability to de-escalate a situation are all keys to success.

What advice would you have for other women following in your career footsteps?

Apply for roles in male industries. For more women to be accepted in these roles the first step is putting yourself forward for them.