About Us

Why Hart?

Hart’s mission is to provide a secure environment, protecting our clients’ personnel, assets and reputation – enabling you to focus on your core business. We deliver our services on land, offshore and in the air domain. Here is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our Positioning

As the founding company of the Chelsea Group (a diverse group of companies including specialised managed services, risk management and security, aviation security, leadership development, power generation, strategic consultancy, portable housing and camp operations) we can offer a unique breadth and depth of services. The Chelsea Group provides multiple layers of expertise, and the ability to provide cost-efficient, end-to-end solutions. Through the Chelsea Group, Hart achieves global reach - from Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa to the Americas, the company can draw upon an expertise and experience that few of our competitors can match.

‘The Chelsea Group employs 8000 people in over 50 offices across 48 countries'



Hart is a privately owned business, founded in 1999 by our chairman Lord Westbury MBE. Our business ethos, vision and reputation, has grown under this leadership to become the successful and respected risk management company that we are today. Hart is a long established, internationally recognised security company; its well-proven track record lies at the core of its success over the years and will underpin its future.”


Compliance and governance values are embedded within the way we operate across all areas of our business. We are fully licensed to operate in all our market areas, where our services are delivered; and we comply with all applicable national and international laws and regulations. The ethics which underpin all our business activities are founded upon the principles contained in the International Code of Conduct; we hold certifications to recognised international standards as proof of such sound governance.

Hart contributed to the development of the International Code of Conduct (ICOC) for private security companies and is one of the initial signatories



Our multi-layered, global experience provides a level of expertise you can trust. In country our expatriate management teams partner with local companies and recruit and promote local nationals. This not only gives us access to invaluable local knowledge and intelligence networks, enhancing security by a sense of local ownership, but also benefits local communities and the economy. Hart is committed to training and empowering the communities that we work within.



We are proud of our people. In the complex and challenging operating environments of today’s world, our accomplished management team is an invaluable asset. We place implicit trust in our trained employees on the ground; our delegated effective decision matrix ensures quick decision making, avoiding time delays.