Superyacht Security

Our experienced superyacht security team work with professionalism and discretion

With the potential threats of piracy, terrorism, and the ever-present criminal issues at port and at anchor, security concerns are an increasingly harsh reality for superyacht owners. Hart are able to mitigate these risks.

At Hart we appreciate that superyacht security starts with the right personnel able to provide appropriate security solutions that work for your vessel and your routes. Hart provide the following services for our superyacht clients, managers and crews:

  • Superyacht Security Consultancy
  • Crew Training
  • Transit Risk Assessments and Security Plans
  • On-Vessel Security Protection Teams
  • VVIP Protection
  • Port and Marina Risk Assessments and Security Support
  • Security Technology
  • 24/7 Call Centre

‘Hart provide security solutions based on real threats and risks that are realistic and appropriate. It’s not all about piracy and weapons but considerations such as security at port and the health and safety of the crew.’