Specialist Training

We understand the importance of training for both our clients and our teams. Hart offers specialised security-related training courses that are internationally accredited.

For Our Clients

As part of the Chelsea Group, and a sister company to The Leadership Trust, Hart believes in the power and lasting impact of leadership training.

Hart’s instructors are subject-matter experts from the intelligence, law enforcement, and military communities. They are equipped with the latest tactics, multiple languages, and have current and relevant experience. Culturally aware, our instructors have all undergone operational tours.

The Hart approach to training is to create a legacy that will last long after we have departed. We ensure that we provide an authentic transfer of knowledge to our students, so in turn they can one day become the trainers.

Hart provides both military and police training. We mentor forces to ensure an upgrade of capabilities to meet the current threats that they’re facing. Our services include supplying advisors and mobile training teams, designing training programmes, and advising and procuring specialist equipment. Our training teams can also assist with critical national infrastructure.

Over the years, Hart has provided Hostile Environment Security Training (HEST) to numerous NGOs and diplomatic entities. Our work with one high-profile government organisation involved training hundreds of their staff in Brussels as well as Ramallah, Jericho, Jerusalem, Kabul, Timor-Leste, Ashkelon, Pristina, Tbilisi and the UK. We offered bespoke Overseas Training Preparation courses focusing on countries such as Afghanistan, Palestine, Sudan and the Ukraine, and pioneered a residential UK-based course for their staff to prepare them for operational deployment to Iraq.


Client Training Courses

Specialised training solutions are catered to the client’s needs based upon the operating environment, threat assessments and client’s profile. These include but are not limited to:

  • Training military and police
  • Training for Critical National Infrastructure
  • Guard Force Training
  • CCTV Operators
  • Hostile Environmental Awareness Training/ Hostile Environmental Security Training (City and Guilds Accredited)
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Training
  • Armoured Vehicle Familiarisation Training
  • Defensive Driving Techniques. (Armoured or Un-armoured vehicles; City and Guilds Accredited and RoSPA approved trainers)
  • Off-road driving techniques.
  • Understanding inter personal conflict management. (Highfield accredited)
  • First Aid Training.

In 2015, Hart successfully trained more than 1 245 people in security-related skills

“…the HEST course that we have just undergone gave much more to the participants, in the sense of both relevance to what we are being trained for and, also, in building essential team skills. Our principal trainers… were quite remarkable, demonstrating from their recent experiences the knowledge and skills which were essential to training us for any future deployment…” – PG Queen’s Counsel


For Our Teams

It takes more than a weapon and a uniform to create a guard or close protection officer. At Hart we are committed to maintaining our high standards by ensuring that every employee is continually professionally developed to meet the standards set by the International Code of Conduct as well as our contractual obligations. This involves regular training in the various security aspects:

  • Static Guard Processes
  • Mobile Protection Team Training
  • Medical Training
  • HSSE Training
  • Weapon Training
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Defensive Driving
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Rules regarding the use of Force

Harts own commitment has included the funding of specifically chosen local national staff that have successfully completed UK accredited courses such as the Level 2 First Person on Scene medical course and the UK BTEC Level 3 Close Protection course.

Road Traffic Accidents account for 1.25million deaths and between 20 – 50 million injuries worldwide per year*, Hart acknowledges this risk and ensures that their drivers are regularly trained on defensive driving techniques by accredited defensive driving instructors. All training is specifically tailored to suit the localised environment and the associated risks.

*Source: World Health Organisation Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015

‘Hart employees are continuously trained to ensure they are operating at the highest possible standards’