Protecting people & businesses
around the world



Hart has a wealth of experience in working with embassies and other diplomatic entities, from Kabul to Jakarta. On top of services such as close personal protection teams, static and mobile security, and explosive detection dog teams, we provide hostile environment training specifically geared towards diplomatic personnel. We also offer situational awareness teams dedicated to establishing relationships with other agencies and gathering intelligence, enabling us to identify potential threats.



Extractive Industry

Whether it’s mining or oil and gas, Hart has worked with some of the world’s leading energy companies and are a reliable partner both on land and offshore. We have provided protective services during seismic and drilling activities, secured drill sites and camps and protected offshore facilities and vessels calling at them.



Hart have protected construction programmes in the world’s most remote and difficult areas and appreciate that construction projects come with their own unique challenges. We provide impact assessments, engage with key stakeholders and hire from the local communities, helping to create a legacy. We protect against theft and ensure that you hit your mobilisation milestones and targets. Our security helps pave the way for our clients’ successful building projects.


Critical National Infrastructure

Our teams have the necessary qualifications and backgrounds to understand the complexities of Critical National Infrastructure projects and pro-actively manage the security setup from end to end. Working closely with the client to design the ideal security solution, we can support you in building systems and facilities in challenging, often post-conflict environments. Hart protects life, secures assets and deters insurgent activities always operating with the highest level of cultural sensitivity.



Defence Sector

Over the years, Hart have provided support to the Defence sector through a variety of services including risk management, static and mobile security, training as well as project support services such as communications, life support and medical. Acting as a trusted partner, we work with our clients throughout the project lifecycle including the bidding and delivery phases. We deliver on all contractual requirements (as well as maintaining accurate records for support of future auditing) and strive to remain flexible, adapting to client’s needs throughout the project.



Unlike commercial clients who might be removed from high-risk situations our media clients must confront the risks in order to report the story.  Hart provides trusted media security. The Hart Media Unit was established to provide media clients with specialized risk management solutions. We employ high risk specialists with experience in hostile environments who understand media operations and media security. We’ve supported our media clients in many high-intensity environments from scoping Syria, to covering the Haiti earthquake within 48 hours of the event, to supporting teams reporting on the Arab Spring.



IGOs: Inter-Governmental Organisations

Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGOs) regularly operate in life-threatening situations in their quest to create foundations for economic development, human rights or other reconstructive efforts. In unstable environments, political neutrality is no guarantee of personal safety and security is essential to protect both personnel and assets. Through our local connections and insights, as well as our extensive experience supplying security to some of the world’s most highly-regarded IGOs, Hart can provide trusted support.


NGOs: Non-Governmental Organisations

Providing aid to the world’s most needy, NGOs often operate in challenging environments. NGOs need hands-on access to the relevant communities they want to help without jeopardising personal safety; budgets are fixed and reputation is paramount. Cognisant of these sensitivities, Hart offers mindful programme management that is project-enabling and culturally aware while also minimising risk.