Aviation Security

Alongside our sister company Longport Aviation Security, Hart provides high-quality security for airports and carriers. To tackle today’s diverse aviation security threats, we provide integrated and professional systems and processes.

Our AVSEC history

In 2008, Hart acquired a majority shareholding in Longport Aviation Security. Established in 1993, Longport is a leading AVSEC company in Latin America and the Caribbean, and currently operates in 25 international airports with more than 1500 employees, serving over 20 major carriers. Longport’s processes are fully compliant with ICAO Annex 17, TSA, Regulation (EC) No 300/2008, TSA EU and local requirements.

Together with Longport, we offer high-quality, reliable aviation security services to prestigious global clients.

A Holistic Approach

With the threats to aviation increasing each year and as the associated costs rise, the aviation industry requires effective security measures to counter threats at the most economical cost. The challenges faced by aviation go beyond random acts of terrorism directed at terminals or passenger flights. As a consequence we adopt a holistic approach to the risk mitigation process through adopting an integrated security strategy across an entire organisation and ensuring that we work closely with other stakeholders involved in the security of the airport and air carriers.

By looking at security systems holistically we reduce costs while improving service levels and enhancing the passenger experience. Security solutions are tailored to the individual requirements of each airline, airport, cargo agent or supply company. We provide you with complete fully managed service solutions encompassing all aspects of delivery within the secure environment. And we maintain our standards day after day through continuous training.

‘We provide aviation security services in 15 countries and at 25 airports, serving over 20 of the world’s leading airlines including Emirates, Delta, Air Canada and Air France.’

Airport Security Services:

  • Home and foreign security programme production, review and maintenance
  • Access control systems design including fencing, lighting, intruder detection systems, CCTV, pass and permit issue, sensor monitoring and response
  • Passenger screening systems – equipment and integration
  • Checked/hold baggage screening systems design, construction and operate/maintain contracts
  • Design and certification of aviation supply chain and maintenance systems leading to ISO 28000 accreditation
  • AVSEC personnel recruitment and selection
  • Technology acquisition and lease packaging
  • Airport authority, regulator and law enforcement liaison
  • Aviation intelligence

‘Over a 36 month period, we detected over 8000 false, altered or inadmissible documents; more than 3,500 kg of drugs, 357 weapons and in excess of 150,000 LAGs and dangerous goods’.